Reports: Lichtenstein is investigating Benko's environment

The “Financial Times” also reported that Vatus was now investigating “Benko's hidden assets”. “Preliminary investigations have been initiated against a natural and legal person and unknown perpetrators,” the Lichtenstein public prosecutor's office said in response to an APA request.

The authority did not confirm direct inquiries against Bengo. “Specific names have not and will not be confirmed at this stage of the proceedings and no further information on the subject of the investigation has been provided.” In Austria and Germany, authorities have already opened investigations into the Cigna case. A special commission has been set up in this country for this purpose.

“Spiegel”: Private jet for sale

“Spiegel” reported that Benko's private jet, owned by a group of companies surrounding the Lara Private Foundation, which Benko and his mother founded as a charter plane, is up for sale. A sales brochure from mid-March lists the plane's details over seven pages. However, the private jet must be sold “off-market,” meaning smartly, the news magazine reported.

Benco wants 19 million euros for the jet, according to “Spiegel”, citing a person familiar with the plans. Finally, a portion of the money should still be used to pay the lease. However, Laura's private foundation's documents list the value of the jet at only 16 million euros.

The boat has already been sold

A private trust company had already sold the 62-meter yacht “Roma” for 25 million euros. Benco or Foundation Beneficiaries Can't Access Money Now: Banks are currently reluctant to register money from accounts linked to Benco or family foundations because of the ongoing investigation.

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Spiegel reported that the money was “properly credited” to the seller's account, according to an attorney representing Benco and the private trust.

Cigna Holding goes bankrupt

On Thursday, the holding company told Cigna, the massively bankrupt real estate and trading group, that it would go into bankruptcy rather than bankruptcy and reorganization. The original restructuring concept was based on the assumption that the most important subsidiaries, Cigna Prime and Cigna Development, would also need to be revamped.

However, a trust plan has now been drawn up for the two units for the orderly sale of the entire portfolio comprising the department store assets of Elbtower, KaDeWe and Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof Group.

A restructuring of the holding provided for the income of the two most important subsidiaries, Prime and Development. As the holding company ranks relatively low as a lender to prime and development, it cannot be expected to restructure itself by exploiting these portfolios, the bankruptcy administrator explained. If the holding company goes bankrupt, its creditors cannot count on repayment of 30 percent of their claims.

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