Princess Kate was out with her family

A British one Princess Kate A video that drew global attention in March revealed that he was diagnosed with cancer in his abdominal cavity following surgery in mid-January. On the advice of his medical team, he is given chemotherapy as a precaution.

“It was definitely a big shock, and William “I’ve done everything we can to personally process and deal with this for the benefit of our young family,” Kate said.

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British newspaper According to Princess Kate, she has been traveling with her family in recent weeks. Her immediate environment is now an important resource for him. “The most important thing for them now is to avoid any kind of stress or anxiety and just focus on staying healthy. After school, they will move to Sandringham,” the news portal quoted him as saying. The Daily Beast A person close to Kate and William. “Her circle of confidants is small. (Her parents) Carol And Michael with her, and (sister) Pippa and (brother) James Of course we are here for you too.”

Chemotherapy is drug treatment against cancer. Drugs that are usually administered by injection or pill are called cytostatics. They prevent cancer cells from dividing, thus preventing them from multiplying unchecked. So-called adjuvant chemotherapy is usually followed after the tumor is removed. It is given to kill any cancer cells that may still be present in the body. This is intended to reduce the risk of possible relapse.

The family will come together. “Catherine feels completely safe because she can count on them. They’ve been there for her for decades and never let her down,” the insider said.

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Concern about the future queen continues. Like her mother-in-law, Kate has yet to share what she has. There was still talk of attention after Easter when Palace announced Kate had undergone stomach surgery in January. Given his illness, which has since been discovered, it is unclear how long he will be out.

New documentary

Catherine Elizabeth Middleton – known as Kate – is the pop star of the royal family. She has around 15 million followers on Instagram, regularly graces the covers of major fashion magazines and is a role model for many girls and women. The documentary “Kate Superstar – The Battle for the Royal Image” – as an ORF premiere on May 29, 2024 at 9:05 p.m., on the ORF 1 program – explores the image of the Princess of Wales as a woman. Or how she managed to become so popular and provides insights into the machinery behind the “Kate” brand. Then debate at 10.05 pm Lisa Cadenstatter Aristocracy and social expert and others in “Drama Royale – The Dog Afterword”. Marian Nachtway and British political scientist Melanie Sully On the status and future of the British Royal Family.

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