Princess Catherine was operated on by an Italian team

Doctors at the Papal Hospital Gemelli flew to London to operate on Prince William’s wife.

Princess Kate was operated on by a team of Italian surgeons when she underwent stomach surgery at a London clinic in January. This was reported by the Italian lifestyle and gossip magazine “Gente” in an article published on Friday.

“The procedure was carried out by a team of Italian doctors from the Gemelli Polyclinic in Rome,” the article states. Neither the Gemelli Hospital nor the London Clinic have yet confirmed the report. Kate was diagnosed with her cancer a few weeks ago. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy as a precaution and is currently not attending public meetings.

Medical team from Pope Hospital

Gemelli Polyclinic is also the hospital where Pope Francis underwent appendectomy. On the tenth floor of the Polyclinic, one of Italy’s best hospitals, there are rooms known as the Pope’s Apartment, which are always available if the Pope is hospitalized. Francis’s predecessor, Benedict XVI. and was treated at the John Paul II Polyclinic.

Citing sources close to the royal family, Gente also reports that King Charles III. (75) Although he returned to duty, he suffered from “persistent bone pains”. King Charles III is undergoing treatment for cancer. (APA)

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