Party conference in Tulln – 98.67 percent: Landbauer remains leader of FPÖ Lower Austria

Udo Landbauer is the leader of the Lower Austrian Freedom Party, pictured with Federal Party leader Herbert Kigel (left).

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MWith 370 out of 375 votes, Udo Landbauer was confirmed as the leader of the Blue Party in Lower Austria – three years ago he received 94.59 percent.

Udo Landbauer is the state party leader of the FPÖ NÖ. At the 36th extraordinary party conference in Tulln, the 38-year-old Wiener Neustädter was recently re-elected with 98.67 percent – in his first election in Wieselburg in 2021, he received 94.59 percent of the vote.

Landbauer’s representatives were also appointed at the current party conference: in addition to general secretaries Michael Schnedlitz and Christian Hafenecker, they are national council member Christian Lausch, club president Reinhard Teufel and state parliamentarian Anja Scherzer. The latter two followed Gottfried Waldusl, the second speaker of the state parliament, and Edith Mühlberger, a member of the state parliament. The election was open and unanimous.

Udo Landbauer

During a speech by Federalist Party leader Herbert Giggle.

Philip Grabner

Auditors, state party court members and delegates to the federal party convention were also elected, at which federal party leader Herbert Giggle lectured. In addition to state councilors Susanne Rosenkranz and Christoph Luisser, FPÖ leader Herbert Kikkel also attended the party conference – his speech ended with applause from delegates, as did Udo Landbauer.

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