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Posted on May 11, 2024, 12:15 pm
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The picture on shows a car on the Arneitz Turbo curve.

A local survey on the Arneitz turbo curve today shows that more GTI fans have arrived, so it’s a foregone conclusion. “The parking lots are absolutely full,” says a 5 Minutes reader.

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A look at the Arnitz Turbo curve today shows that more GTI fans are drawn to the Carinthia than previously thought. Because the official fan base has been moved to Germany.

“The parking lot is completely full.”

A 5 Minutes reader reports that the parking lot there is so full that no one is getting in anymore. Even from the side of the police, the unofficial crowd of car fans remained calm. “There are a few minor things, but no other reports of accumulation at the site,” he says Dominic Sodomin, Police Media Spokesperson requested 5 minutes.

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See you in Reifnitz tomorrow

Under the motto “Back to the old times” and #we staySeetreu, car fans quickly started an unofficial GTI meeting in the district of Reifnitz in the municipality of Maria Wörth. “This year also we will be loyal to the lake and will reunite,” they said in a 5-minute interview. The time has come for May 12th, and there will be a Worthersea meeting as before – write the organisers. Only Volkswagen cars should be allowed there.

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