NEW OPENING – Star stylist opens salon in St Bolton

Tilda Swinton styled him on the sixth floor of the Hotel Sacher in Vienna, and he flew to Formula 1 in Didi Matschitz’s private jet. Now stylist Birgit Fuchs has opened her hair salon in St. Baldner Herrenplatz.

At a young age, Fuchs was inspired by fashion magazines such as Vogue and Elle. At the age of 15, the Boeheimkirchen native began his hairdressing apprenticeship at Neulengbach company Lübinger. On weekends he worked as an assistant on Coldwell and Vella’s shows. “I’ve always been interested in it — I wanted to gain as much experience in the field as possible,” says Fuchs.

He completed his Masters as soon as possible – at the age of 20 he was the youngest person to take part in his Masters. Then her career really took off: she styled the stars for the Live Ball, worked with brands from Clinique to Almdudler and perfected the looks for Opera Ball guests. She quickly found herself in high demand as a hairstylist and makeup artist—but her clientele didn’t limit herself to VIPs. “I cut everyone’s hair—from cashiers to celebrities,” says Fuchs.

Birgitte Fuchs spent a long time looking for the perfect location until she opened the salon on Herrenplatz.


However, the mother of a 20-year-old daughter has longed for a more regular work life in recent years. So she began looking for a location for a salon in her hometown of St. Paulton. She found what she was looking for on Herrenplatz between Café Schubert and Osteria. His regular customers also come for haircuts from a 45-year-old from Vienna. The centerpiece of the salon is the hairdresser’s chair – a souvenir from one of his first jobs in the Vienna Salon section. The chair dates from 1945—Fuchs’ father restored it; He put 40 hours of work into the furniture.

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Personal contact is very important to Fuchs. She takes care of clients one-on-one in her salon. It is important for her not to impose a special appearance on anyone – authenticity is the most important thing for her. In St Bolton, he wants to bring modern dynamics to the hairdressing industry. “I’m a little different,” she says of herself, “I’m a hairstylist—I’ve been practicing for over 20 years now.”

Appointment can be made through homepage Make a reservation. The online booking system is powered by Digital Conic, a St Bolton internet company.

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