Montella, head of the Türkiye team, praises the ÖFB team as an “excellent unit”.

The captain of the Turkish team, Vincenzo Montella, spoke ahead of the European Championship round of 16 in Leipzig on Tuesday (from 9pm). Live-Ticker >>>) expressed very positive things about Austrian internationals.

“They are a complete team, perhaps the best team as a unit,” the Italian explained at the final press conference on Monday evening, raving about, among other things, the ÖFB selection’s pressing and switching game.

Montella repeated that Austria reminded him of a club team because the automatism worked so well. Mandella and his kickers felt this when they suffered a 6-1 defeat against ÖFB in a test in Vienna in March.

The coach hinted that the game could have gone differently, but admitted his players were “mentally blocked” after the break. “It’s a shame in the end. I can’t remember losing so badly as a player or as a coach, hopefully things will be different this time.”

Mandela warned against losing your head

In recent days, some Turkish players have announced revenge for what they see as a humiliating defeat, but Montella has tried to remain objective. “The first thing is to make sure that emotions don’t leave us, we try to take revenge for this failure. You can lose your head,” warned the 50-year-old.

Montella will have to do without Samed Aketin and Hakan Kalhanoglu, who were suspended against Austria. “We have two important failures, one of which is our captain,” said the former striker, referring to director Calhanoglu. “But others will come in and do their job.”

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A “great game” for Mulder

Regardless of the suspensions, Mert Muldur should keep his place in the starting lineup safe. The Vienna native moved through Rabat’s youth teams before moving to Sassuolo and then Fenerbahce – where he would have been eligible to play for the ÖFB. “I grew up in Austria and learned to play soccer there, and of course you have a certain connection with Austria,” Mulder said.

However, the 25-year-old decided early on to join the Turkish club and played for their youth teams from the U17 level. “And when the senior national team comes around, you can’t say no,” Mulder said.

Because of his connections, the defender said it was a “very special game” for him. “Many friends from Austria have already contacted us and most of them will be at the stadium.”

According to Mulder, the ÖFB team “always gives 100 percent and always full throttle”. He did not want to single out individual Austrian players. “As a team, they are very strong.”

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