Mandatory break for King Charles, William and Kate

Three key members of the British royal family are forced to retire. Who can stand for King Charles III, Princess Kate and Prince William?

Who will cover the royal family when three important family members go missing? Royal expert Angela Levin has her heart set on Princess Anne, 73. Levine is convinced that she was the sister of Charles III. (75) He is the biggest supporter of the monarchy when two prominent members of the royal family are in hospital. The king is scheduled to undergo medical treatment for prostate gland next week. His niece Princess Kate, 42, had stomach surgery earlier this week.

Speaking to GB News, Angela Levine said the monarch was “a very healthy man” and would be back from sick leave “very soon”. In Princess Kate's case, the palace said she would spend 10 to 14 days in hospital because of the planned procedure, which was successful. He will not appear in public again until after Easter. Her husband, heir to the throne Prince William (41), will be taking care of Kate and their three children Prince George (10), Princess Charlotte (8) and Prince Louis (5) during this time. Kate doesn't know what's bothering her.

In the clip: All information about Kate's activity

“Annie's the Stepper”

“It makes you shudder,” Levine said of representing the royal family, which is the job of state advisers. Counselors represent the King when he is unable to fulfill his duties as head of state. Problem: It includes two people who don't deserve it. Prince Andrew, Duke of York, 63, has had to step down from his royal duties after an alleged affair with American sex offender Jeffrey Epstein (1953-2019). And Prince Harry, 39, Duke of Sussex, lives in the US with his family and has voluntarily stepped down from high-profile royal duties.

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Another option is Queen Camilla, 76, of whom Levin said, “Does she want to take on this burden so soon after the coronation?” Levine continued, “I know who it is, and it's going to be Princess Anne. She's going to step up.” Anne “we can all count on. He's cheerful, hardworking and talented and always there when she needs him. It's a relief.”

Representation by state counsel is probably not necessary. It is said that Charles will only be in hospital for a short time and will be able to fulfill all his constitutional obligations. In theory, in addition to Camilla, William, Harry, Andrew and Anne, Princess Beatrice (35) and Prince Edward (59) are among those who could represent the monarch.

Princess Anne is a very hard working royal

Princess Anne, regardless of sick relatives, is a rock of the royal family. In 2023, as in previous years, he was the hardest-working member of the Royals. According to the British newspaper “The Telegraph”, he made 457 dedications. The monarch herself came second with 425 appointments, while her younger brother Prince Edward came in third with 297 engagements. Queen Camilla came fourth with 233 appearances, ahead of Edward's wife Sophie (58), Duchess of Edinburgh, with 219. Heir to the throne Prince William and his wife Princess Kate served 172 and 128 royal duties respectively.

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