Man shot dead during argument in Vienna: Manhunt underway

One around 30 year old male It's Wednesday at one o'clock in the evening Shoot-out Inside Vienna-Rudolfsheim-Funfhaus They were seriously injured.

He must have been in one before Street with at least two men could have been involved, which ended in a fight.

The search for the culprit or culprits is now in full swing.

The dispute broke out around 5pm on Wednesday Hackingasse An explosion broke out in Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus, with many men attacking each other. The fight finally ended Gun fire.

Police believe at least two shots were fired

“According to witnesses interviewed, two shots were fired, but the investigation is still ongoing,” a police spokesman said. Matthias Schuster On courier request. It is similar to the victim's injuries. Man was born on that day Upper body And inside Neck area They were attacked and seriously injured.

“The currently unknown suspect(s) then fled in an unknown direction. The search operation is going on, said the police. What is it about? Conflict It is still unclear what went on. When law enforcement arrived at the scene of the crime on Hackengasse, the seriously injured man was lying on his stomach on the ground.

We are currently searching WitnessesIt can provide more details about the crime.

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