Left-wing parties unite ahead of election in France

Together they form a “People’s Front” and represent a counterweight to the right-wing National Rally.

Ahead of parliamentary elections in France, the country’s left-wing parties agreed to form a joint “People’s Front” (French: “Front populaire”). It will open a new chapter in the country’s history, it said in a joint statement on Thursday. “Now on the campaign trail – to win!” In X wrote Francois Ruffin from La France Insomisse (LFI). The Left parties had already worked together on the 2022 parliamentary election campaign.

However, a leadership dispute and political differences – including the Gaza war – led to cracks in the alliance. The New Popular Front forms a political counterweight to Marine Le Pen’s Rassemblement Nationale (RN) at the other end of the political spectrum. According to polls, the RN is likely to win the elections on June 30 and July 7, but will lose out on an absolute majority.

After the European elections, President Emmanuel Macron quickly brought parliamentary elections. He himself refuses to resign. Macron’s term runs until 2027, after which he will not be allowed to seek re-election. (APA/Reuters)

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