Husband and daughter killed in America due to astrology…

Ahead of the solar eclipse in the US, a US influencer allegedly stabbed her husband and threw her children out of a moving car. The natural phenomenon is “the epitome of spiritual warfare”.

Just before the solar eclipse in America, an astrological influencer killed his partner and one of her children. As the Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday, Daniel Johnson alerted his supporters to a natural phenomenon last week. An influential woman named Danielle Akoya died after driving her car into a tree after the crime.

Monday's solar eclipse was a big spectacle for millions of people in North America. Within an hour and a half, the astronomical phenomenon crossed Mexico, 15 US states and parts of Canada, darkening the sky.

Johnson previously wrote on the online service X that the natural phenomenon was “the epitome of spiritual warfare.” “Protect yourself and keep your heart in the right place. Obviously the world is changing. If you ever have to choose a side, now is the time to do the right thing.”

The partner was stabbed in the heart

According to the newspaper report, police found the body of Johnson's partner in the apartment they shared. He was stabbed in the heart. Investigators believe the hitman killed the 29-year-old and drove off with his daughters in his car early Monday morning.

According to the report, while driving on the highway, he pushed his nine-year-old and eight-month-old daughters out of the car. Only the nine-year-old daughter survived. Immediately, Johnson crashed his car into a tree at 100 mph.

There are many prophecies of doom about natural phenomena such as solar eclipses, for which, according to researchers, there is no evidence.

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