Huawei is a new business partner

Huawei has broken new ground in Austria and is actively involved in the sports industry for the first time. To date, the giant telecommunications company has supported species conservation projects in the country, for example, Lake Neusiedl or collaborating with universities. Austria Vienna and Huawei now want to take the next, sustainable step into the future and use synergies to create win-win situations.

Feiyun Chen, Huawei Austria Deputy CEO: “Huawei Technologies Austria GmbH has been headquartered in Vienna since its establishment in 2007 and has grown over the years into a company with deep roots in Austria. Investing in local projects and having strong domestic partners is very important to us. Cooperation with Austria Vienna is a great opportunity for us for many reasons, on the one hand, Austria Well-known in Austria, and its successful club history has made a name for itself in the areas of sustainability and renewables. Energy, topics that are increasingly important in the Austrian sports landscape, Austria is very committed to these areas and is therefore a pioneer in the projects we implement together.

Harald Jacicek, CFO: “We are very proud and happy to win a famous and successful brand like Huawei as a partner. With more than three billion people in the world working on Huawei products or services, this number is hard to imagine. Huawei invests huge amount of money every day in research and development to make it more sustainable. , at the Generali Arena and in all areas of the Hawaiian Club we are striving to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly and can do even better in the future.”

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Marco Stark, Marketing and Sales: “The idea of ​​sustainability at the club is very important to us and the discussions with Huawei were a common thread from the beginning. Of course, we are very proud that we were able to win such a strong brand. A shared path to the future.”

About Huawei Technologies Austria GmbH

Huawei Technologies is a leading manufacturer of telecommunication solutions. The company’s products and solutions are used in more than 170 countries and by 45 of the 50 largest network operators worldwide and a third of the world’s population. Huawei has extensive expertise in fixed line, mobile and IP technologies. The company’s portfolio includes mobile products, technology products, network products, software applications and end devices. Huawei employs approximately 207,000 employees worldwide, more than 54 percent of whom work in research and development. Huawei has been represented in Austria since 2007, is headquartered in Vienna’s 22nd district and employs around 140 people in Austria, two-thirds of whom are local employees.

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