How to escape the summer heat

The heat wave will continue from Friday. In the afternoon it was already over 30 degrees in some places. With cooling mint tea, plenty of shades, and other tips, people and animals can stay warm before summer arrives.

Austria continues to heat up. Kernhof in the Lilienfeld district was hot until 1pm on Friday. Ubimet measured 31.8 degrees there. This was followed by Bad Hofgastein in the St. Johann im Pongau district at 851 meters and 31.2 degrees. 30.9 degrees was measured at the Innsbruck University measuring station. The heat will increase further in Austria in the afternoon. The Central Meteorological Department has predicted that it will be 34 degrees.

This is how you beat the heat

Heat can be a challenge, especially for the elderly and vulnerable groups. If you can, it’s best to stay home. If possible, physically strenuous activities should be avoided, although everyone knows what these activities are. For some, an afternoon run isn’t a problem, while for others they reach their limit by carrying shopping bags.

A tea like mint that cools you from the inside is especially helpful in cooling you down. Allow the tea to cool before drinking. Cold drinks with ice cubes should be avoided as the body has to use more energy to adjust the body temperature to a cold drink. Basically, it’s important to drink a lot on hot days to replace the fluid lost through sweat. Water-rich fruits and vegetables, such as watermelon or cucumber, can help you stay hydrated.

If you don’t have a fan or air conditioning, you can leave wet laundry in the room. The room is cooled by evaporating water. Even if intuition tells you otherwise, windows should be closed and dark. It prevents heat.

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Ice cubes and shadows for animals

Heat also affects animals. For example, you can easily test whether asphalt is too hot for dog paws. If you can’t stand pressing the back of your hand against the asphalt for seven seconds, the ground is too hot for your feet. It is better to go out early in the morning or in the evening. Midday heat should be avoided at all costs – it is beneficial for both people and animals. Cool mats or tiled floors are very popular in summer with fur balls. This also applies to guinea pigs, rabbits and other rodents. Chewing on frozen berries or ice cubes is fun and cool.

Be careful with your feet in hot temperatures.  |  Photo: Vgt

Birds enjoy water bowls for bathing. Spraying with warm water is also an option. If you have cats, don’t put too much food out at once when it’s hot because it spoils faster when it’s hot.

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