Green electricity record in first three months of 2024

“With 87% of public electricity coming from renewables in the first quarter,” the energy ministry said Austria is “fully on track to meet its climate targets.”

It is always common during winter months… Gaskraftwerke I am Full functionality Had to run to meet electricity demand.

2024 looks different. Figures from the European Transmission System Operators Association (ENTSO-E) for the first quarter of 2024 show: Solar, wind and hydro produced 86.5 percent of the public's net electricity In Austria. The share in the previous years was in the same period 50 to 60 percentsays the Ministry of Energy happily.

However, this can also be a relative matter Hot first quarter Lie, The Melting ice Started very early and thereby strengthened hydroelectricity, but it was also Lots of wind power – and Many hours of sunlight.

Specifically: more electricity can River water flows with 7,336 GWh or 48.1 percent of net public power generation (33.8% Q1 2023). And the Wind power generated 3,224 GWh 25 percent (Q1 2023: 2,573 GWh). Stock Photovoltaic In general net electricity generation Even four times (730 GWh Q1 2024, 177 GWh Q1 2023).

Climate Protection Minister Leonor Küssler In any case, he is happy with the data on electricity generation: “In 2021, for the first time, we decided on a target of 100 percent green electricity. Today it is within reach. Green electricity figures for the first quarter prove this. We will succeed in making this transition by 2030 – replacing Russian natural gas with green electricity. That's good because our cheap domestic energy makes us independent, strengthens the industrial base and creates more jobs.”

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All data can be found under this link (ENTSO-E)

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