Gift Exchange: How to Get Rid of Unwanted Packages

Not every Christmas gift is a hit. Between St. Stephen's Day and New Year's Eve, many people go to the shops to exchange unwanted items. However, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Christmas vacation is over. The shops are open again, and all who have not received the Christ Child's gift are on his way. Maybe you can still exchange the gift you don't want – However, this does not have a common right.

The right of transfer is not restricted by law, Emphasize Chamber of Labor (AK) consumer advocates. Anyone who finds a book under the Christmas tree that's already on their shelf at home, Expect goodwill from retailers.

Look at the bill

How they deal with queries from customers after the exchange, is left to them. The Consumer Protection Association describes this in Wednesday's “Ö1” introductory issue. If buyers don't know which rules apply at a particular store, it's usually helpful to look at the price list.

Many retailers indicate their exchange conditions and deadlines there. Refunds are generally non-refundable You can usually choose something else or get a voucher instead. Anyone purchasing a gift online generally has the right to return the goods within 14 days of dispatch. In this case, no reason for withdrawal is required.

“Significant Sales Increase”

“One in ten brick-and-mortar stores exchange gifts. In the fashion trade, the exchange rate is high for decorative items, decorative items, books and home appliances or electrical appliances,” says Vienna's trade representative Margaret Kumbrecht.

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When it comes to exchange, commerce thrives because people love it They tend to spend more than the face value when redeeming vouchers. So goodwill from retailers is beneficial to both parties.

“Traditionally, the shopping mood is high between St. Stephen's Day and New Year's Eve,” emphasizes Gumprecht. “About 10 percent of Christmas business takes place in the last days of the old year.” She mentions a “significant sales boost.”

Warranty and Guarantee

Regardless of whether you bought it on the shopping street or online: If a gift is defective or does not work, In any case, according to the initial issue “Ö1”, customers may request an improvement or price reduction due to the warranty obligation.

AK says that as a rule, retailers must repair or replace products free of charge for up to two years after purchase. If this is not possible, customers can also request a refund.

Unlike a guarantee, a warranty is limited by law. A warranty is a guarantee that the manufacturer or dealer is responsible for defects.

Significantly fewer vouchers

If you want to be on the safe side, avoid exchanging unloved gifts and place vouchers under the Christmas tree. The average value of the voucher is around 100 euros, When it comes to cash prizes, Margerete Gumprecht talks about around 200 euros.

“However, fewer vouchers were given out for Christmas in Vienna this year than in previous years. Vouchers accounted for a third of all shopping lists last year, and are therefore the second most popular gift, “Only one in five gave this year”The leader said.

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If you don't want to redeem your vouchers until after Christmas, you still have some time. The Supreme Court affirmed: Vouchers are generally valid for 30 years. However, to be on the safe side, you shouldn't wait too long before restoring it. If a business goes bankrupt, the vouchers lose their value.

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