From the registry office to detention pending deportation: The groom (25) was arrested in Lower Austria during the wedding ceremony.

That's the laugh Hamza, Kundula fell in love 1.5 years ago. “When I was with him, I always felt better,” he says Kundula. The couple, who live in Vienna, decided to get married in the summer. Saturday it was Poor Voslav So far. But it was not the best day of the couple's life. It turned out to be the worst.

Relatives and friends came to celebrate the day. But during the marriage the registrar suddenly left the room. “She said she wanted to get something, and she came back with ten or 12 men,” says Kundula.


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They are officers of the Federal Office for Immigration and Asylum. They arrested Hamza and imprisoned him without extradition.

The bride was shocked and went to the hospital

The bride was shocked and went to the hospital. “Why didn't they come earlier? They knew where we lived,” she says. “It's just sad.”

25-year-old Kurd arrived in Austria in March 2022 – he was due to be drafted into military service in Turkey. He applied for asylum in Austria. But the rejection came ten days before the wedding.

“From the moment of marriage, Hamza's stay in Austria would have been legal,” says Sean Attorney Gregor Brackett. But at the last moment the authorities stopped this marriage. “Barbarism,” the bracket calls it. And: “Unlawful”. “Such an attitude was common. But then it was banned.”

He immediately filed a complaint with the Federal Administrative Court; The hearing must take place within seven days. But by this time Hamza could already be deported. “Then he will be conscripted into military service straight from the airport,” fears the lawyer.

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