Foreign press complains of EU election party being denied entry

Several members of the association said they were “refused to recognize the FPÖ electoral party on Sunday evening”.

The Foreign Press Association Inside Ween Complaints that foreign journalists were excluded from the FPÖ election party on Sunday.

Members of the Association of Foreign Press in Vienna said, “The FPÖ electoral party was denied recognition on Sunday evening as part of the European elections”. what Provide an open letter from the association to the FPÖ boss Herbert Giggle. FPÖ represents the limited space available.

Refusing to speak to international reporters?

“Despite some initial requests, a dozen representatives of reputable international media outlets have received rejections,” writes the association’s president. Ivo Mijnssen and Vice President Kathryn Calvet In an open letter. The rejection results were “varied”: “Initially, some were told that they were on the waiting list because Austrian media had priority. Others were told that there was not much room or that only journalists would be allowed if the FPÖ accepted all requests. “It was recently said that this was a national media-only event.”

“The favor of the Austrian press” apparently “corresponds to the official policy of the Freedom Party, as its representatives were admitted in almost all cases,” the letter continues. “Such arguments by a leading party are irritating and unprofessional, especially since they follow a pattern of total refusal to engage with the international press. This approach is an unprecedented and unique violation of the right to information within the EU.”

The FPÖ has reserved one seat for “domestic media”.

The Association of Foreign Press has “repeatedly” expressed its interest in meeting with the FPÖ and is doing so again. “We call on you to reverse your decision and allow the foreign media to inform their tens of thousands of readers and listeners.”

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It should be a “given” to a party that wants to one day represent Austria internationally.

said a spokesperson for the FPÖ what– It was a closed event for which the media had the opportunity to recognize themselves. He noted the low place in the party bar (Vino Wien) – the FPÖ gave quotas to “domestic media” and they had priority.

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