For the first time, more e-bikes were sold than conventional bikes

Last year was higher for the first time Electric bikes The wheels are driven entirely by thigh power Sold was surrounding 421,000 bicycles were sold were 52 Prozent E-bikesARGE Fahrrad today calculates that the market share for bikes for adults is 62 percent.

The bottom line is that in 2023 the bicycle industry was in low gear and saw a significant decline in sales.

Compared to 2022, sales are down 16.8 percent. According to the Bicycle Interest Group, the market is now approaching 2019 levels. “In 2020, 2021 and 2022, sales volumes were above average.

Stores are overstocked

This disproportionate growth was particularly caused by the catch-up effects related to the epidemic and led to higher inventories in retail sales in 2022 and 2023,” explained Hans-Jürgen Schoder, spokesman for ARGE Fahrrad.

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However, it is Request Continues high. “With few exceptions, sports and bicycle retailers report satisfactory sales and turnover figures,” emphasized Schoder. Bicycle sales statistics also show that the demand for folding bikes and transport bikes is increasing rapidly.

8,000 folding bikes sold

By 2023, 8,000 folding bikes were sold. That means the demand has doubled in one year. 68 percent of folding bikes sold are non-electric. On average, a non-battery folding bike costs 1,954 euros and an electric folding bike costs 2,578 euros. According to the Department of Cycling, up to €500 is currently funded.

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Both Transport bicycles became 5.530 Piece sold. Only about 470 of them were equipped without an electric drive. The average price of an e-transport bike is 5,620 euros. According to Michael Nendwich, spokesman for the sporting goods trade at the Chamber of Commerce, up to €900 is currently funded.

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1 billion euros in sales from bicycle sales

For the third year in a row, bicycle sales in sports and bicycle retailers exceeded 1 billion euros. 75 percent of the total sales came from e-bike sales.

Among non-electric bicycles, folding bikes, cycle cross and gravel and racing bikes are the most developed models. “Initially stocks will have to be reduced, but we expect the bicycle market to be stable for the industry by 2025,” says Sköder, looking to the future.

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