Foodora is closing its online supermarkets, cutting 128 jobs

Futora will work with other food delivery service providers in the future. Additionally, customer service is outsourced.

Food delivery man Futora Builds in Austria Almost 130 posts. The company’s 7 food distribution warehouses in Vienna, Linz and Graz will be closed and customer service will be outsourced. The Delivery Hero subsidiary said in response to an APA request on Monday that 128 employees had registered with the Employment Services (AMS) early warning system for “an amicable termination of their employment relationships”.

“We are very grateful for their commitment to the company, have set up social packages and are already in discussions with all affected employees to provide support at this stage and start their further professional path,” said the Futura Austria boss. Herbert Haas Quoted in a broadcast.

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In the food delivery sector, Futora intends to focus, as stated in the press release Collaboration with food vendorsDrug stores, bakeries, pharmacies and other stores.

Futura markets will be closed

Previously self-directed Futora Markets Will be closed in the next few weeks. 75 employees So they are affected. Futora recently opened 5 such delivery warehouses in Vienna and one each in Linz and Graz. Warehouses can be recognized from outside as “Mjam Market”. In Mjam became Futora in May 2023 In Austria. You can’t do regular shopping here – they only serve as a pick-up point for Futora drivers.

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“When it comes to the variety of products in the app, nothing changes for our customers – strong partnerships with well-known suppliers mean an ever-increasing selection is available,” Futora promises its customers to order and deliver their grocery shopping. via smartphone.

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As Futora also announced, customer service will be outsourced to a third-party provider. Loss through outsourcing About 50 people Her work at Futora.

Futora is making losses

According to “Wirtschafts-Compass”, Foodora Austria GmbH had 410 employees in 2022 and made a loss. Loss before interest and taxes in 2021 was 14.3 million euros, and in 2022 it was 16.4 million euros. At the end of 2022, the parent company had liabilities of 17.7 million euros. Delivery Hero converted into capital reserves.

Round 3,000 delivery peopleThose on the path to Futora are not affected by job cuts and restructuring.

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