FF Mödling district – 206 young people participated in the fire brigade knowledge test

Fire brigade youths excel in knowledge test.

FF Guntramsdorf

AThe 50th Matlinger Knowledge Test of the fire brigade youth took place at the Gundramsdorf fire station on Saturday.

Record: 206 youths from the district took home interest badges in Knowledge Test and Knowledge Test Game (for Junior Members). 25 assessors from various fire departments, led by District Clerk Thomas Zazel, ensured that everything ran smoothly at the stations.

In addition to theory tests, fire department youth must demonstrate their knowledge of equipment and knots. All participants achieved the competition goal and were happy with their supervisors about the next step in their fire service training.

Many thanks to all the helpers and the FF Guntramsdorf team for their care, organization and support during the event. A healthy snack with fresh fruits is especially popular among the youth. The market town of Guntramsdorf was also grateful, as the youth from the fire department were allowed to use the music center free of charge for a knowledge-testing game.

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