Favorite Votes: Thomas Whites beats Lena Schilling, Harald…

European elections preference results bring re-rankings for Greens and ÖVP: Waitz ends up in first place with Greens In the ÖVP, Alexander Bernhuber comes first. Harald Wilimski received the most preference votes.

The two candidates were re-ranked in Sunday’s European elections preference results published on Wednesday evening. As expected based on the federal state results, Thomas Whites edged out Lena Schilling, who was first on the list, for the Green Party. The ÖVP’s Alexander Bernhuber managed to reach the threshold of five percent of votes allocated to a party, which is essential for progress.

Waitz, who will replace Schilling as head of the Green Party delegation in Brussels, managed to collect 75,018 electoral votes, almost four times the 19,525 votes needed for Green Party reclassification. But Schilling also reached 45,732 on the basis of preference votes. As for the ÖVP, Bernhuber narrowly managed to secure a reshuffle with 44,641 preferred votes. This means she overtakes Angelika Vincic, who is third on the list and former ÖVP delegation leader.

Wilimski received 83,576 popular votes

FPÖ front-runner Harald Wilimski became the favorite vote emperor in the EU elections. Wilimski received 83,576 popular votes. Behind him is Weitz with 75,018 votes, followed by SPÖ leader Andreas Scheider with 61,982 votes. ÖVP front-runner Reinhold Lopatka 58,013, NEOS front-runner Helmut Brandstätter 49,444. Schilling is followed with 45,732, Bernhuber with 44,641 and Winczyk with 38,426.

The results of the other leading candidates: Maria Hubmer-Mogg (DNA) with 18,317 and Günther Hopfgartner (KPÖ) with 6,989 preference votes.

The Central Election Commission will decide and announce the final result of preference votes in its meeting on June 26, 2024, the Home Ministry said in a statement on Wednesday. It cannot be ruled out that there will be changes compared to the numbers sent through instant reports. (APA)

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