Exhibition – 1,800 visitors during a long night of research in Wieselburg

In a long night of research, visitors were able to try everything possible.

Thomas Leitner

Am ecoplus Technopol Wieselburg invited researchers to a fascinating look behind the scenes at the long night of research in Wieselburg and Petzenkirchen on Friday.

From 5 pm to 11 pm, five locations – University of Applied Sciences, HBLFA Francisco Josephinum, LMTZ – Food Technology Center of HBLFA Francisco Josephinum, TFZ Technology and Research Center Wieselburg-Land and Office for Federal Water Management. – Delivered exciting programs at 41 stations. Exhibitions, interactive tours and experiments on agricultural technologies, bioenergy, bioeconomy, food technology and water management enthralled the visitors.

The future of the automotive industry

ecoplus Technopol Wieselburg is an international center for biotechnology, agriculture and food technology. At the FH Wiener Neustadt Campus Wieselburg, visitors were able to playfully experience energy conversion in an interactive “PowerGame” and try to provide a city with optimal energy in order to prevent a blackout. How microgrids – small, local power grids – work was enthusiastically explained to guests at an interactive audio and video station. Car fans were able to immerse themselves in the future of light in the automotive industry at ZKW Group’s “The Future of Light” station.

The world through the eyes of a cow

The Innovation Farm and Josephinum Research of HBLFA Francisco Josephinum invited people on a journey to the agriculture of tomorrow. At the exhibition site of the Federal Office of Water Management in Petzenkirchen, the question was asked what temperatures aquatic animals can withstand and what strategies they have in case of overheating. At the “Life in Deadwood” station we visited the fascinating world of tree-dwelling beetles, and at the “How a Cow Sees the World” station visitors were able to see the world through “cow glasses” – awe-inspiring moments for many.

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