Drexler for the Grand Alliance at the federal and state levels

Styrian ÖVP leader Kristoffer Drexler wants to win his first election as state governor in 2024 and defend his first place. But according to polls, his Styrian ÖVP threatens to fall to third place. Today on ZIB2, Drexler commented on the coalition debate that has erupted. Drexler said he wanted a federal coalition between the ÖVP and the SPÖ. He wants to continue working with the SPÖ in Styria. But he did not rule out any party, including the FPÖ. Styria has a good environment for discussion with all parties.

Drexler said he enjoys “excellent cooperation” with the SPÖ in Styria. We trust and work well together: “I believe that cooperation is also possible at the federal level, regardless of who is the leader of the SPÖ.” The question is whether he would “remotely” favor an alliance with the SPÖ. Freedom Party, the state governor took the oath.

SPÖ state leaders disagree

Several SPÖ state leaders previously continued discussions on a possible new version of the federal grand coalition. The governor of Carinthia, Peter Kaiser (SPÖ), campaigned for a federal coalition with the ÖVP, as he told Ö1. SPÖ boss and deputy governor of Tyrol, Georg Dornauer, also aimed for “a stable two-party alliance with the ÖVP”, while Vienna's mayor Michael Ludwig (SPÖ) saw Kaiser's arguments as “conclusive”. However, Burgenland Governor Hans-Peter Toskozil (SPÖ) could get nothing out of it.

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