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Vienna (OTS) Over the weekend, from Friday, June 21 to Sunday, June 23, 2024, Europe’s largest open-air concert will take place with the 41st Vienna Danube Island Festival – and ORF will be live again as a broadcast and media partner! The event, which is free for spectators, will once again be held with the participation of Ö3, FM4, ORF Vienna, ORF NÖ and ORF III, which will report in detail on this year’s festival events and broadcast the best acts and program highlights. from various places. ORF III again presents selected concerts and cabaret performances live with time delay all three days – for the second time, from the “ORF III Culture Tent” – as well as programs from previous years for the reunion, as well as two “Culture Today Special” editions, which are available… “All off Vienna – 40 Years of the Danube Island Festival” documentary was created to mark the anniversary of the previous year and several cabaret classics. Radios – Ö3, FM4, Radio NÖ and Radio Wien – broadcast live from the island.

On ORF 2, “Guten Morgen Österreich” (June 20 and 21, from 6:30 a.m.) presents a preview of the Danube Island Festival 2024.

Danube Island Festival 2024 at ORF III

To get you excited for the Donauinselfest weekend, host Ani Külken-Mayer will report on two “Kultur Today Special” editions (Thursday, June 20 and Friday, June 21, 7:45 p.m.) with backstage visits, reports and interviews. From the festival setting. At the start of the 41st Danube Island Festival, the documentary “All of Vienna – 40 Years of the Danube Island Festival” (Friday, June 21, 8:35 a.m.) looks back at last year’s anniversary. Occurrence of iconic event.

The festival series at ORF III on Friday (June 21) will be headlined by Michael Niavarani, Victor Gernaud, Alex Kristen and co. “Cabaret Stars from the Donauselfest – Best Moments” (8:15pm) will open the show. From 2020 onwards. Then, on Friday, ORF III will broadcast highlights from the “Radio Niederösterreich Schlager & Astrohits Stage” live with rock ‘n’ roll legend Peter Krauss & Band (9:40 p.m.), time-delayed with pop. Star Semino Rossi (10:55pm) and “Stereoparty Feat. Carrie Lux” (0.05am), gives a fresh take on the best local hits with “Astropop Symphonic”. ORF III also features select acts such as Rapper Clouseau (1:20am) and Recy Rainer (2:25am) on the Radio FM4 Festival stage.

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Austropop will be in full swing at ORF III on Saturday (June 22):
During the day, concert highlights from past Danube Island festivals, including Falco’s famous 1993 appearance “Falco Live – The Falcon is back” (3:30 pm), Stefanie Werger (4:05 pm), Austria 3 (5) :10 pm) and Umberto Tozzi (6:15 pm) . Afterwards, live concerts from the island will once again feature: Vienna’s King & Potter (7.20pm) and “Wolfgang Ambrose & No. 1 vom Wienerwald” (8.15pm) and Christina’s gigs from the Radio Vienna Festival. Stage Striker (9:15pm). The musical finale is pop star Ronan Keating (10.20pm). This is followed by great entertainment from the ORF III Culture Tent with Walter Kammerhofer (11.40am), Caroline Athanasiadis (12.15pm), Stefan Haider (12.50pm) and Nadja Male (1.25am).

On the last day of the festival (June 23), ORF III offers a lot of cabaret: “Cabaret highlights of the Danauselfest” after, among others, Eva Maria Marold (4:05 p.m.), Gerald Fleischhacker (4:35 p.m.), Christoph Fritz ( 5:15 p.m.), Angelika Nietzsche (5:50 p.m.), Benedict Mittmannschreuber (6:25 p.m.) and Gernaud Gullis (7 p.m.), with further performances by Austrian cabaret stars live and timed. – Changed:
Petutschnig Hons (7:40 pm), Lydia Prenner-Kasper (8:15 pm) and Andreas Vitásek (9:05 pm). Finally, Wanda (9.40 pm), this year’s title, can be experienced live on the Hitradio Ö3 festival stage with time delay.

The day after the big open-air event, ORF III looks back at an amazing festival weekend and presents the “cabaret highlights of Donainselfest 2024” (Monday, June 24, from 8:15 p.m.): Andreas Vitásek opens the humorous evening with his “”magic” show”. Cabaret meets football”, says Walter Kammerhofer later, “Wyatt Schoe” (8.50pm). Caroline Athanasiadis (9.25pm), Stefan Heider (10.00pm), Lydia Brenner-Gasper (10.35pm) and Petuchnik Hans also provide laughs with his latest show “Bauernschlau” (11:25 p.m.), comedian Romeo Kaldenbrunner (12:00 a.m.) looking for love and recognition and Ina Jovanovic, a Carinthian woman with Serbian roots, talks about her life in Vienna (12:00 a.m.). 12:35).Finally, Nadja Maleh (1:05 ​​am) provides all-round entertainment with depth.

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Ö3 Rocks: With Wanda & Co.

Hitradio Ö3 ensures an exciting finale at the Danube Island Festival – with plenty of music from Austria. Festival guests can expect acts from Alice Merton, Thorstein Einarsson, Loy, Ness, Nicotine and Jacob Elias before headliner Wanda rocks Danube Island on Sunday (June 23rd). Gabi Hiller and Philipp Hansa will moderate on the Ö3 stage and report live on Ö3 with behind-the-scenes footage and exclusive insights (Sunday, June 23, from 4pm). The most beautiful festival moments can be found on the Ö3 social media channels: Ö3 concert reporter Lina Werdel takes the audience to the Danube island and presents all the highlights from around the Ö3 stage and backstage. The “Ask the Whole Country” tour will stop on Saturday (June 22, starting at 4 p.m.) with a live broadcast on the island. The radio phone-in format is currently traveling across the country to various festivals. Tina Ritschl and Philipp Bergsmann discuss with the Ö3 community.

FM4 from Danube Island Festival 2024

On Friday (June 21st) the big festival stage at the Vienna Donauunselfest will become the FM4 Arena. With songs by Provins, Juju, Clouseau, Recy Rainer and Noah. Radio FM4 Live from 7pm to 11:30pm offers interviews, context and above all, music on the FM4 stage for all those who cannot be on the island in person.

Radio Vienna and Radio Lower Austria live from the island

The popular Radio Vienna program “Die 2 um 2” with Robert Steiner and Elie Rolf Rüdiger (Saturday, June 22, 2 p.m.) will be broadcast from the Radio Vienna Festival stage during the Danube Island Festival. Both entertain not only the younger ones but also the youngsters in their usual weird way. Puzzle fun for the whole family – King & Potter, local stars like Wolfgang Ambrose and Christina Sturmer and Irish singer-songwriter Ronan Keating rock the stage at Donauunselfest 2024.

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At the Donauinselfest there is a full program “Radio Niederösterreich Schlager & Austrohits stage”: presenters Elisabeth Engstler and Ursula Pucher Friday (June 21, from 5:30 pm) Natalie Holzner, Smpteropartyaty, Smperopartyaty . Gary Lux, music legend Peter Krause & Band and pop star Semino Rossi. On Saturday (June 22, from 3 p.m.) host Clemens Kratzer joins the Donauselfest buzz, presenting Amelie Ricca, Marco Ventre & Band, Patricio Buon, Claudia Jung, Andy Borg and Matacustics. Elizabeth Engstler and David Pearson welcome visitors on Sunday (June 23, from 3:30 p.m.). Charlion, Ty Lazar, Mark Bircher & Band and the Young Zillertalers will perform. Network and ORF TELETEXT

The network provides information on Donauinselfest 2024 as part of current reporting on multiple channels – from program highlights to current events surrounding the event. At ORF ON, fans can follow ORF TV broadcasts in live stream or enjoy highlights from their own video collection as video on demand, provided the appropriate online licensing rights are in place. ORF ON also features iconic material about the Danube island with the “Daily History” episode “Die Donauinsulaner” and the “Kaisermühlen Blues” series. ORF TELETEXT is currently reporting and presenting the program on page 416 of its culture and program magazine.

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