Crime Scene: Destroyed – Crime Scene: Destroyed October 14, 2023 at 10:35 pm – ORF-TVthek

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Crime Scene: Destroyed

A naked man with bullet holes in his knee and temple, lying in a shopping cart, is found in a parking lot. It has been revealed that he is a Bulgarian who was involved in the burglary of the jewelry shop. Is it a gang war? After contacting Bulgarian authorities, Bulgarian special investigator Donka Kalabova (Tessi Urumova) arrives in Vienna. A similar theft occurs at a car dealership. These crimes always follow a similar pattern. It seems that the culprits arrived in Vienna only on the night of the crime and then disappeared again. Who is the Austrian middleman who chooses the locations of the breakouts and then distributes the goods? During their research, Inspector Eisner (Harald Krasnitzer) and his assistant Bibi (Adele Neuhauser) repeatedly meet a lawyer who represents the victims, but also a suspicious fence that seems to be connected to the case. When a second dead man, shot by a Bulgarian gun, is found naked in a shopping cart, it becomes clear that a Bulgarian killer must be in town. Can the Austrian special investigative team together with their Bulgarian colleague solve the case?
Actors: Tessi Urumova (Tonka Kalabova), Bernhard Schirr (Robert Stephen Deutschman), Len Kudrjawski (Milan Obremovic), Simon Schwarz (Inkaso Hainsey), Hubert Kramer (Ernst Rotter) and others.
Director: Harald Sicheritz
Screenplay: Uli Pree
Image credit: ORF/Superfilm/Ingo Pertramer

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