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At the age of seven, he decided on his life choice, and at the age of 15 he fled the Nazis to Palestine, risking his life. At the age of 26, on a trip to London, he stopped – and stayed – in his native Vienna. He would have been 100 on October 23: Hegard Bronner.

Broadcast Date: Saturday, December 30, 2023, 9:05 PM, ORF III
Broadcast Date: Sunday, December 31, 2023, 2:15 AM, ORF III (Wh)
Gerhard Bronner – Don't mince words
Original Title: ORF Legends – Gerhard Bronner (AUT, 2018)
Director Christian Hager follows in the footsteps of Gerhard Bronner and paints a detailed portrait of the Viennese native in this documentary, whose career path is by no means a given. Because of his Jewish origins, Broner had to accept the harsh blows of fate at a young age. His entire family was killed by the Nazis, and at the last minute he managed to escape to Palestine, where he initially served as a professional musician in the British Army. In 1948 Bronner returned to Vienna and began a picture book career as a cabaret performer, writer and composer. As a television pioneer, he had a decisive influence on the entertainment program of Austrian radio. He has been on stage with artists such as Karl Farkas, Helmut Kwaldinger, Georg Kreisler and Peter Wehle, and has helped young talents such as Marianne Ment and Georg Dancer achieve national fame. With the help of selected archival treasures from 1956 to 2007, the film documents the artistic work of Herhard Bronner. In addition to his daughter Vivienne and his son Oscar, important friends and companions such as Marianne Ment, Rudolf Buchbinder and Erwin Steinhauer also have their say.
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