Climate activists wanted to slow down the Rechberg race

The “last generation” delayed the start of the motorsport event in Styria.

Enthusiasts of the “last generation” delayed the start of the Rechberg race in Styria on Sunday. Five men wearing high-visibility vests blocked the route of the “Great Mountain Prize of Austria” in Tulwitz (cross-border district) shortly before the 9am start.

die This siege lasted only a short time, police officers carried the activists off the road. Then the car race can begin.

According to the group, the reason for the protest is the “absence of the fundamental right to climate protection” in Austria.

brother friend, a spokesperson for Kilma enthusiasts, assured that it is not about rejecting cars. “We respect everyone's free time. But we cannot just sit back and let life go on as usual. We must draw attention to this dangerous failure – also in the Rechberg race.”

The protest will continue “as long as climate protection is in the constitution,” Freund insisted.

Rechberg will be the race Since 1972 It was held on a mountain pass about five kilometers from Dulwich in the municipality of Blatnitz in Deichalm. The path leads to the hill of the same name on the covered Rechbergstrasse (B64).

This year is the anniversary

According to the organizers, this year is the 50th tournament 247 participants from 18 countries. Sunday's race also counts as the first round of the FIA ​​European Hillclimb Championship.

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