Carinthia's Shadow Economy Blooms – 5 mins

Posted on February 12, 2024 at 2:35 pm
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“While companies complain about the lack of orders, the shadow economy is thriving,” reports the Carinthian Chamber of Commerce (WK). A billion euros were spent without invoices in this country alone.

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In very difficult times, the Carinthians seek the services of “bunglers”. “In total, more than 600 infestations were reported last year, of which more than 100 cases were reported. Most of the cases were in the districts of Klagenfurt Stadt, Willach Land and Willach Stadt, and a few were in the Hermagor district. Waldemar Wagner, Head of the Survey Department of the Carinthian Chamber of Commerce.

“We want to prevent organized violence”

But the shadow economy thrives not only in the construction and craft industries; It has also increased in the “home-related services” and transport sectors. “We have a legal mandate to investigate reasonable cases of suspicion and to work with detective agencies. The focus is on preventing organized violence. In Carinthia, losses totaled more than one billion euros in the period from January 1 to December 31, 2023,” the balance sheet said. Christian Starsacker, Officer-in-Charge of Survey Department.

That is why undeclared jobs have increased

The value of services provided illegally is loud Undeclared work specialist Friedrich Schneider A 15 percent increase in 2023 “due to high inflation and economic slowdown” — the highest increase in more than 25 years. And there is no end to the increase in visibility in 2024. The biggest losers are the government and social security providers.

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Chamber of Commerce calls for “Bonus for Artisans”.

“We call for the re-introduction of a bonus of 2,000 euros for craftsmen per household and year. A long-sought reduction in non-wage labor costs could also curb the shadow economy,” concluded Starsacher. The investigation department of the Carinthian Chamber of Commerce investigates concrete signs of suspicious cases. These can be done in one way Online formOne per email [email protected]
or by calling the Pfuscher hotline on 0676/88 5868 470, Monday to Saturday 8am to 5pm.

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