Career Orientation at Mini Girls Day 2024

LH-Eisenkopf Companion: Supporting women in training and career choice

The eighth Mini Women's Day was held at the Burgenland University of Applied Sciences in Eisenstadt. 50 students from Eisenstadt Primary School took the opportunity to gain an initial insight into the MINT industry. Participating institutions gave third and fourth grade girls the opportunity to try them out on site. “The number of career opportunities is enormous, and the demands on the labor market are changing rapidly,” Deputy Governor Astrid Eisenkopf said of Burgenland and the state's MONA-NET joint venture. “With MINI Women's Day, we are supporting women in their training and career choices, so they can discover the many opportunities available to them,” emphasized Eisenkopf. Six Burgenland companies presented themselves in live stations to the students.

The focus of Mini Women's Day was on MINT industries (MINT = Mathematics, Computer Science, Natural Sciences and Technology). “Choosing a career is not easy, but it is very important because you spend most of your life at work,” Eisenkopf explained. MINT careers offer good income, better job opportunities and long-term career prospects. Mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology There are great opportunities and career opportunities for anyone who enters the fields because there is a demand for women in technology,” the Deputy Governor stressed. “That's why we want to encourage women into this profession through campaigns like Mini Girls' Day.”

Over the past few decades, many professional sectors have disappeared entirely, but new areas of responsibility continue to emerge in the service sector and technology sectors. “Although there are more than 400 different occupations, most women still choose four classic female occupations: retail sales, office clerk, hairdresser or administrative assistant,” said Isabell Semmelweis-Valenta, responsible for career orientation at MonA-Net. β€œAt Mini Women's Day, women will see a wide range of training and employment opportunities. Through this initiative, students can gain insights into various career fields in live stations, try and experiment.”

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Participating companies at the Technical College in Eisenstadt are Forschungs Burgenland, Seal Maker, Neudorfler, Dr. Bohrer Lasertec GmbH, Sanochemia and the Samaritan Society as well as MonA-Net. There were playful insights into the topics of renewable energy, food testing and working with wood.

Students who are unable to attend the Mini Girls Day can get information on the MINT home page Lots of interesting information about math, science, technology professional fields or crafts, information technology and engineering professions. Careers and tutorials are presented with short videos and portraits of role models. Each video provides information on the training path and starting salary.

Another Mini Women's Day will be held on April 29, 2024 at the University of Applied Sciences in Pinkafeld.

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