Can Election Year 2024 Tolerate Two U-Committees?

The domestic political year 2024 will not only bring state and national council elections, but two commissions of inquiry will begin this Thursday. What do they research and are they more for parliamentary control or election campaigns?

At the beginning of March, the “Kofak Committee”, concluded with the SPÖ and FPÖ votes, will investigate in more detail whether billionaires close to the ÖVP have been prioritized in funding from the Covid-19 fund. At the same time, the Committee on “Red-Blue Abuse of Power”, supported only by the ÖVP, is to examine in more detail the government participation of the SPÖ and the FPÖ from January 2007 to January 2020. Broadly speaking, this would be about the misuse of public money in departments headed by “red” or “blue” ministers.

Which key guests – from René Benko to Siegried Wolf to former chancellors Alfred Gusenbauer and Christian Kern – could be invited, and whether the two parallel U-groups would actually be useful for parliamentary control or useful for the election campaign, were explained. Elizabeth Hofer From the Domestic Policy Department of “Press”.

Gas: Elizabeth Hofer, “The Press”
Presenter: Christine Mayerhofer
Cut: Audiofunnel/Dominik Launderdinger

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