Business closures – Mistelback: Ordner retires, Libro closes its branch in the city

Elfriede Ortner’s shoe store has been looted in recent weeks: he closed his store on June 29 as the trade legend now finally wants to retire.

Ordner Shoe Store has been the center’s only specialty shoe store since the 1930s. Ortner decided not to do a farewell interview: “There’s no point anymore,” she said, declining the request. The rush of customers during the finale certainly ensured that the warehouse at the Ardner shoe store was largely emptied.

Libro is closing its branch on Hafnerstrasse

The city will lose Lipro this year: “We are currently represented in Müstelbach with two Lipro branches,” says managing director Günter Herzog. The Libro branch in M-City was modernized in the spring as part of an Austria-wide renovation initiative. “The branch on Hafnerstrasse in downtown Mistelbach will close this year,” announces Herzog.

Why? “We regularly review our branch network to see if customers’ local shopping preferences are changing. This is standard practice and an ongoing process in the industry,” explains the managing director.

The Libro branch in the center will close this year.

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When M-City opened in 2005, the company decided to keep the central branch, as DM had closed the city center branch a few years earlier.

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