Births: 4,288 babies were born in 2023 at St. Joseph's Hospital in Vienna.

The St. Joseph Hospital in Heitzing is the largest maternity hospital in Austria. The 100,000th baby was born there recently. The results for 2023 are impressive: 4,288 new citizens were welcomed in hospital delivery rooms.

Vienna/Hietzing. In St. Joseph's Hospital There was a lot of activity in 2023. But not particularly because of the large number of accidents and sick patients that are attended to here. The hospital is the largest maternity hospital in Austria. I came there last year 4.288 Children in the world. On average, 11.6 births per day were counted.

“The team at our Parent-Child Center made great achievements again last year, and for that I would like to thank all the doctors, midwives and nurses,” says Andreas Brandstetter, head of the Department of Obstetrics: “We are doing very well. We are happy to be able to support so many families in such a good way again. “

A total of 4,234 births were observed, of which 54 were twin births. Women dominated at St. Joseph: 2,233 girls (52 percent of births) were born, compared to 2,055 boys (48 percent).

Lots of Emilias and Noahs

Most of these girls are called “Emelia” and the boys are called “Noahs”. On average, the smallest ones weigh 3,401 grams. However, a young mother had a lot to do; Her baby was born weighing 5,075 grams. The newborn was cared for in neonatology and weighed 920 g. As this example shows, births can't be planned anyway: only six percent of people actually give birth on the expected date.

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Medical leadership team in July 2023, 100,000 people.  Child - girl named Eda, and proud parents Zsoka and Khan.  |  Photo: St. Joseph's Hospital Vienna / Photographer: Alec Kavka

A very special visit was celebrated on July 4, 2023. The maternity ward, opened in 1936, had its 100,000th baby that day. reported, more below. After all, the medical staff at St. Joseph's didn't have much time to relax after a pleasant but busy year of 2023. The new year baby from Vienna was born on January 1, 2024 at 12:16 pm at Arter Hospital.

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100,000 births at St. Joseph's Hospital in Vienna

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