Best Bike Tour Apps 2024 for iOS and Android

There are many opportunities to get around on two wheels in this country. If Comfortable round, Road bike training Or Mountainbike-Tour: The right applications should not be missed.

We provide these to you applications Before:

  • Cadence: iOS and Android
  • Ride with GPS: iOS and Android
  • Bike Citizens: iOS and Android
  • Strava: iOS and Android
  • Kumode: iOS and Android


Anyone who goes on frequent bike tours will want to track these trips along with their own trips Bicycle computer. However, it is not necessary to purchase an additional device. The Cadence app turns our smartphone into a flexible bike computer.

Designed for cyclists and runners, the app can collect data from a variety of sources. below GPS, Smartwatch and Bluetooth accessories If weather does not permit a tour, indoor home coach. Almost 100 parameters, etc Distance, Speed, heart beat Or Height gradientCadence can process and visualize, and we can put it together as we wish.

After the tour, you can see all the data in the history, including the route, on the map. If we’re looking for a challenge, we might as well come Strava Division Achievements Compete against us.

Smartwatch integration or similar features Step-by-step navigation They cost extra here and can be activated with a Pro and Elite subscription. It costs 2.99 euros.

Cadence is free iOS And Android Available.

Ride with GPS

Navigation is also an issue when cycling. Riding with GPS connects one here Navigator with simple tracking features. To get started, we don’t need much more than an activated GPS and an initial internet connection.

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The app then displays the surrounding area on a map Points of interest (POIs), cycle routes and points of interest. All we have to do is enter our desired destination using search.

In addition to traffic, riding with GPS also tries to plan routes Suitable for bicycles, Pitch And Fasting Surface should be taken into account. If we want a route, we can add stops to POIs and it will be taken into account. They are also exciting Heat mapsIt shows popular routes used by other cyclists.

Once we load the route, we can use it offline as well. Navigation is classic turn-by-turn, as we all can do if we want to Directions are given.

Statistics play only a small role during the trip, but they are recorded. It includes, among others, distance, time and calories. But nothing here works without premium subscription. Prices start at 7.99 euros per month.

Free ride with GPS iOS And Android Available.

Bike Citizens

die Upper Austrian usage Bike Citizens specializes in riding in and around the city. Cycling can be tiring and dangerous, especially in big cities where car traffic is a problem. Bike Citizen helps us here and takes this into account when planning the route Bicycle lanes and bike-friendly trailsFind the optimal route.

If we want to start, all we have to do is enter the address or location or mark it on the map: Bike Citizens immediately calculates the available routes. Depending on the target, the usage varies between “”A “relaxing” and “fast” routeThe former seems to avoid busy main roads.

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When we start the route guidance, the navigator is always there and shows the next route instructions. Clues can be reported to us via Premium.

All trips are recorded and can be accessed at any time in the overview. It’s especially cool Heat map, which visualizes our journeys on a city map. If we are in a foreign city or want to go out, we can get recommended bike tours. Further Local campaigns We can participate here.

The app’s scope and layout quickly made it my personal favorite. Full functionality requires a premium subscription starting at 3.49 euros. These include favorites, offline maps, and global route planning and navigation.

Bike citizens are free iOS And Android Available.


Cyclists are theirs Registration proceedings If you want to, you can’t skip Strava. The fitness tracking app is one of the most popular apps in its category.

Getting started with Strava couldn’t be easier. Once you open the app, you can start tracking straight away with the push of a button. Strava focuses on the basics when it comes to tracking, but offers quite a few in the premium version Additional tools for analysis At. Among other things, it is monitored Time, Speed, Height meters, average locationAs well as the Closed lane. Our route for each tour is marked on the map.

Community is also an important part of Strava. We can do that within the application Paths travelled, Progress And goals Share with others. The transmission should also provide additional motivation.

Features like route planning, detailed analysis and performance comparison require a premium subscription. You can pay from 10.99 euros per month.

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Strava is free iOS And Android Available.


The use of coomode is almost mandatory for cyclists. They specialize in finding and planning routes to anywhere in the world New adventures can enjoy.

If you want to start Goomote, it’s best to start with the Tours tab. Here we can scroll through endless lists of recommended bike tours. regardless of whether Road bike, mountain bike or leisurely bike tourThe suggested routes have something to suit every pace and every taste.

All tours are accompanied Map overview, Difficulty level, length of time, average speed And Height meters wrong The Koomod community can rate and recommend routes.

If we want to drive a private route, that is also possible. Like one The classic route planner We can specify the start, intermediate goals and end, and the app will create a route that suits us. Depending on whether we are referring to racing bike, classic cycle or mountain biking, the route planner will adapt the tour.

Navigation takes us Optical and acoustic signals Through streets and terrain. Data such as speed, time or distance traveled is tracked.

Kumot also has one Big community, through which we can share our adventures and relive the adventures of others. Photos and notes are saved here for review.

Although Goomote can also be used for free, some features such as live tracking, tour weather or a multi-day planner are available in the premium version for only 59.99 euros per year.

Kumode is free iOS And Android Available.

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