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It has been raining non-stop for days in many parts of Germany, and river levels are rising menacingly! Flooding has left rescue workers and residents in a state of panic.

People in Rindel (Lower Saxony) were brought to safety from floods on Boxing Day and in Windehausen (Thuringia) on Christmas Day.

▶︎ There are also big concerns in the Koessler district of Lower Saxony: the Ocker dam in the Hors has reached its maximum capacity! Instead of 16 cubic meters (16,000 liters) per second, 30 cubic meters now flow into the river. Due to the impending Oker flood, the city of Braunschweig has closed several streets near the river. In addition, the town of Ruthe in the Hildesheim district (Lower Saxony) is flooded.

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  • A village surrounded by water

    The flood trapped the town of Ruthe in the Hildesheim district (Lower Saxony). The River Innerste flows into the lean-to here and creates a particularly tense flood situation.

    Tragedy: Christoph Haferland, the district's local mayor, reports that a large number of visitors will flock to the city: “I am speechless about this disastrous tourism.”

    The city of Ruthe is surrounded by a mass of water

    Photo: Julian Stratensult/dpa

  • Voluntary evacuation completed

    The Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief reports that the voluntary evacuation of the city of Thurgen (Saxony-Anhalt) has been completed. Some residents took advantage of the offer and went to an emergency shelter in Kelbra. It will continue to be a contact center for people who want to leave their homes.

  • The map shows where the risk of flooding is

    Flooding continues to cause tension in many parts of Germany. Where a tidal wave threatens, where the water recedes, read on Here

    Teaser image

    Photo: Lars Benning/dpa

  • Firefighters rescued the drowned dog

    Emergency services in Celle (Lower Saxony) were alerted early in the morning. A dog is at risk of drowning in the Altencelle district! When firefighters arrived, the dog was on an island in the floodplain and was unable to get free. Thanks to the fire department, the animal was brought to safe shore and handed over to its happy owners.

  • Dresden: The Elbe level continues to rise

    Dresden is gearing up for a further rise on the Elbe!

    Firefighters are on the job and are protecting the LaBegast shoreline with sandbags, the city said. “Loschwitz volunteer fire department together with Striesen professional fire department set up a total of 2,100 sandbags here.” In addition, the construction of stop beam system on the terrace bank is being prepared.

    Alert level 2 is applicable in the state capital. However, the Elbe's water level continues to rise. According to the forecast of the state flood center, it will reach a level of 6 meters, thus triggering a level 3 out of 4 warning in Dresden on Wednesday morning.

    The Elbe is currently near stage 3.  The terrace bank is already flooded.  Boat traffic has come to a standstill

    The Elbe is currently near stage 3. The terrace bank is already flooded. Boat traffic has come to a standstill

    Photo: IMAGO/Bernd März

  • Sandbags are ready here

    THW regional association Berlin, Brandenburg, Saxony-Anhalt shows on Facebook what many don't see: helpers join forces to fill sandbags. These are often the only way to protect themselves from flooding.

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  • The fire department has warned that there will be a power outage

    The Oberröblingen Voluntary Fire Department (Saxony-Anhalt) warns on Facebook: “The exact dimensions of the flood cannot be estimated at the moment. Prepare for evacuation in the coming hours.

    Also: “An evacuation center is being prepared. Be prepared to bring personal medications and documents with you. The public is now being warned about fire brigades; All affected properties are visited and informed. A local area-wide blackout may occur.

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  • MP Weil: “We're not out of the woods yet”

    Lower Saxony's Prime Minister Stefan Weil (65, SPD) visited the flood-affected areas in person to assess the situation. In Northteam, where a dam had broken, he thanked aid workers for their efforts: “It shows that this commitment is really urgently needed.” But it's still too early to clarify everything “It's absolutely clear that we're not out of the woods yet.”

    Premier Stephen Weill (R.) thanked flood helpers

    Premier Stephen Weill (R.) thanked flood helpers

    Photo: Julian Stratensult/dpa

  • Hünxe (NRW) prepared for emergencies

    Employees of the municipal building yard and the emergency services of the Hünxe Fire Department (NRW) filled sandbags in preparation for an emergency. The community has already protected various places with sandbags.

    In the district of Grudenburg, only a few houses are currently affected by Libby's flooding. There is no immediate danger as water levels in surrounding rivers are being monitored.

    Water level view in Lünen (NRW) showing flood development of the Lippi

    Water level view in Lünen (NRW) showing flood development of the Lippi

    Photo: News4 Video-Line

  • District request to vacate!

    Flood risk in entire Gelbra Reservoir and Helme River! The Mansfeld-Südharz district (Saxony-Anhalt) has asked residents of the Kelbra-Thürungen district to evacuate. “All residents are requested to vacate their homes by 6 p.m.,” a district spokesperson said in the afternoon. There are about 180 people.

    ▶︎ They were told to go to relatives or acquaintances. An emergency shelter has been set up at Ziegelhüttenstrasse in Gelbra. Durungan belongs to Golden Aw Municipality.

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