Accident in paddy field Austrian dies in plane crash in Thailand

A 50-year-old Austrian man died in a plane crash in Thailand on Saturday.The country of Thailand“Report. Accordingly, around 8:30 a.m. local time, a small plane crashed into a paddy field in Bang Lamung, Chonburi province. Stephen M. was no longer saved by emergency services. His German companion was taken to hospital with serious leg injuries.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed to “Kronen Zeitung” that the deceased was from Mödling (Lower Austria), but had lived in Thailand for many years. He worked professionally in aviation, including as a manager at AUA and the Lufthansa Group. Recently worked with Qatar Airways.

An investigation is underway into why the two-seater plane crashed. According to preliminary information, the plane took off minutes before the crash from the East Airport for small planes in Pattaya, about ten kilometers from the crash site.

The machine seems to have hit a tree

According to eyewitnesses, the Austrian pilot apparently lost control after the plane hit a large tree. Somit Khedje, a cow farmer from the area, said that first he heard a loud explosion and then a large box fell from the sky. The plane crashes into a large tamarind tree and then falls to the ground. He found two people inside and called the emergency services.

Another witness said the pilot attempted to make an emergency landing in a field but lost control before crashing into a tree.

The plane was badly damaged in the accident. The wing hung from the tree and several broken pieces were scattered on the ground.

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