A group of students get stuck with their bikes in the snow while crossing the Alps: an emergency call

18 The Germans wanted to cross the Alps to Jesolo. Rescued by police helicopter. Now the question remains: How do the wheels get off the yoke?

Andreas EderMountain Rescue Leader MayrhofenHave been on many trips but never come across anything like this.

The project work of a group of students from Bavaria culminated in a rescue mission on Thursday Mountain rescue And Police helicopter.

The students started on Tuesday Bayern (more) one Alpine Crossing With wheels on target Jessolo.

Eleven high school students left around 9:00 a.m. Thursday morning, accompanied by two teachers (both 39 years old) and five adults. Zell am Ziller From Zillergrund and Heiligens Geistjöchl (2,662 m) your destination for the day Pratau He wanted to reach South Tyrol.

Take the wheels

Due to snowfall – from 2,000 meters high, the team had to carry their bikes and after difficult conditions when they reached the highest point even on the southern side of the mountain, the team leader stopped the journey and took an urgent call.

Wrong information

“The team was fit, the author had already done this kind of tour many times and they also found out about the snow conditions,” says Eder in an interview with the Courier. Only: According to the information, the southern part of the yoke was free of ice. However, this does not correspond to reality.

Because of the advanced timing, weary crew members can no longer expect to descend freely and safely. Subsequently, those 18 people were killed by the group Police helicopter Recovering unharmed, she was dropped off at Sulzenalm, where she was taken Mountain rescue Mayrhofen was captured and taken to safety in the valley.

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“We were lucky that the Libel police helicopter was nearby, otherwise we would have had to climb up to the yoke,” explains Eder.

How do bikes get to the canyon?

Now there’s only one question: How do 18 adventurers’ bikes get to the canyon? Because they initially stayed on the mountain during the rescue operation.

“Either a helicopter flies them down, or we go on a Saturday mountain rescue mission and take the bikes down,” Eder says. In both cases costs will be incurred by the group.

It remains to be seen whether the Jesolo journey will continue after the bike recovery.

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