▷ AlmAsia gourmet fusion on the Teichalm – News – 2024

Especially on hot days, looking at the thermometer and relaxing at DeChalme feels great. Breathe On arrival. 1,200 meters above sea level you know No oppressive heat, the air is wonderfully fresh. When you step into the Almwellness Hotel Pierer, it’s like taking a mini-vacation, not just for a few days off, but also when you visit the new AlmAsia pop-up restaurant. Styrian-Asia Bombardment Project. Kitchen director Lovro Balint, who recently won three toques at Haller’s Genießerhotel in Vorarlberg, worked with his team for a long time on the seven-course menu that is now on offer. There are actually two menus, one for fish and meat and one for vegetarian.

Fermented pumpkin seed oil

Even greetings from the kitchen reveal that the work here is ambitious and fusion lives on. In addition to local bacon and Arsberger Stolen cheese, there are seaweeds, fermented mushrooms, banana-buckwheat cream and truffles. A A stroke of genius Fermented pumpkin seed oil With homemade sourdough bread is exchanged. If it was on sale, we would have stocked it. Courses are offered privately by the Culinary Director in a beautiful dual conference with Culinary Coach.

Yin and Yang

Of course, the famous Almenland beef is missing and it comes as a tartar together with fermented celery – Yin and Yang, once Alm, once Asian. One is big A tamago-variant, a Japanese omelette with king oyster mushroom and ginger dashi tea. Main courses of Arctic char and fillet steak from Almenland Rind fit harmoniously into the concept. The sorbet and dessert are contemporary, the vegetables heavy and pleasantly refreshing. Wine pairings are highly recommended, and the group can finally choose from an iconic wine cellar all around. 8,000 bottles selection.

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