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Prof. Peter Sachsenmeier is a strategist, expert in complex technology management, industrial innovator and visionary; also, CEO of Switzerland based management consultancy IMAG Information Management AG. At the same time, Prof. Peter Sachsenmeier continues to teach information management and large programme management at major universities in the UK, Germany, and outside Europe. He has worked for the UN and several of its agencies, including the World Bank, Unesco, WHO, and UNEP. He is the President of the Swiss accreditation organization for business analysts, IBAE. Also, co-author of the book Challenges between Competition and Collaboration: The Future of the European Manufacturing Industry. A polyglot and at home in Oxford England where he started to teach at the eponymous university right at the beginning of his professional career, Prof. Sachsenmeier was elected a member of the national German Academy for Science and Engineering in 2006. He has a unique international network of contacts, access to investment projects and advanced technology research. His recent work deals with smart city technologies in an increasingly urban world, Industry 4.0, cyber-physical systems and with the business processes needed to manage sensory environments.