Labour Party, Juventus and Joseph Muscat

It is definitely a coincidence but it was worth noting by some Labour Party (PL) and Juventus supporters. It seems that the best performances of Juventus always come through when the PL is in Government in Malta.

One may recall that the only two Champions League won by Juventus were in 1985 and in 1996 and in both circumstances the PL (Malta Labour Party at the time) was in Government. Juventus have not won the Champions League as yet under Joseph Muscat as Prime Minister, possibly because he is a Milan supporter. However, this run of 8 consecutive Leagues started in 2011 when  Joseph Muscat was preparing for consecutive electoral victories. So Juventus have once again excelled  when PL is leading the country .

The mind boggling bit is the question of the Champions League Will Joseph Muscat remain Prime Minister until Juventus win the Champions League? This would mean that he is up for power for quite some time given the records Juventus have managed to achieve in the Cup!  Is this a Milan strategy?  Or is Juventus supporting Muscat and therefore in order for him to remain in power they keep conceding finals and quarter finals?

Quite obviously, none of this is real but the coincidences are indeed hilarious.  No offence to Juventus supporter or PL supporters. Just  a bit of humour so much needed in Politics.