Good news for online customers: Rules against unjustified geoblocking enter into force

New European Union directives regulation against unjustified geoblocking – a discriminatory practice that prevents online customers from buying products from a website based in another member state, entered into force Thursday.

EU Regulation 2018/302 will be a reality for citizens as of 3 December 2018, when they will be able to find the best deals online when buying goods and services across the EU without being discriminated based on nationality and residence.

The nine-month period gives traders sufficient time to adapt and introduce necessary changes to comply with the European Union regulations.

At the same time, EU Member States are requested to appoint responsible institutions for the enforcement of the Regulation.

Ending unjustified geoblocking is expected to boost e-commerce in Europe and to provide consumers and businesses more opportunities to benefit from the growing European online marketplace.

“Ending unfair geoblocking is a great step forward for consumers and the building of a real Digital Single Market working for all,” said Commissioner Mariya Gabriel, in charge of the Digital Economy and Society: “Along with the end of roaming charges and portability, EU citizens will be able to buy their new furniture online, book hotel rooms or use their credit card across borders, like at home.”