From Earth to Mars in one simple step

Life on our blistering planet has never been so good. Many thinkers, writers and assorted brainboxes have come out of hiding from the optimism closet and declared that we never had it better than now.

Less wars, longer lifespan, less poverty, more literacy and better communication and medicine all make for great news.

No one can deny that life improved vastly with the invention of cars. Those infernal horses with their smells and deposits have now basically disappeared from our everyday world, being used purely to drag karrozzini and a few tourists, to race at Marsa or to show off the horses’ and the riders’ skills.

Cars get us to our destination much quicker. But is this really an improvement at the end of the day? Cars cause more pollution, deaths and congestion than horses ever did. Maybe after all modern life is not that good.

When all we had were horses to move around on land we also had trouble communicating. Smoke signals, tom toms, pigeons and a few other inventions came in handy. But nowhere near as handy as the mobile phone. Internet connectivity means that people are now tagged and followed, tracked and easily retrieved from all sorts of trouble.

Today we are closer to each other than ever before. The smartphone has definitely made us all smarter. Certainly whenever people get together no argument over dates, facts or spelling need be never-ending tussles. Asking Google solves it all. If with luck Google manages to chip us and preserve all our memories, thoughts and experiences all arguments will become history.

Never mind that we now spend much of our life stuck to a screen looking at riveting social media timelines. Watching paint till it flakes could definitely be more enticing.

Interestingly, medical science has moved at terrific speed. Our life, on the whole, is now so much better. Infant mortality has decreased incredibly. World population is at its highest ever, which means we have managed to save many people’s lives but now hardly have enough to feed them.

Science however is saving the day. There are few farmers and fewer tracts of land for farming but our modern Frankensteins have a quick solution for that. Injecting animals with growth hormones makes them grow bigger and quicker, giving us more food on our plates; vegetables are now genetically modified and several other ingenious ways are being concocted by mad men and women who love us interminably and do not want us to suffer food deprivation.

We have progressed so much that food is tastier at omnipresent places selling junk food cheaply and enticingly. There have never been so many obese people in the world—also thanks to more time on our hands as we head towards a time when only machines work and we stay at home vegetating and eating junk food.

Everything is better than it was—we build faster, higher, covering all land and even reclaiming the sea to add more blocks of glittering apartments all over the world.

No period in history has ever been so free of war. Not just Europe but the whole world overall has had less wars since the cessation of hostilities after the Second World War.

Everything is fine. Except that a madman in the USA and his twin in nuttiness in North Korea seem to be heading towards a war that might see the end of humanity.

But while all this is happening Mars beckons, and even here our great inventions, innovators and brilliant minds have worked out a possible escape route. That is another thing modern man has achieved—space travel. Quite a jump from the first aviation experiment in 1903 to hopefully going out to conquer Mars in the very near future.

Hopefully life on Mars will be just as wonderful as life on planet earth. And we will make our future there just as excitingly complicated.