Press statement by Partit Demokratiku

Partit Demokratiku remains Malta’s third largest party with a historic result in a post-independence context; of electing a Member of Parliament from a third party through our single transferrable voting system. This is a strong mandate for change and we will continue to rally for this change; for equal opportunity for all, for human rights and rule of law, social justice, for diversity and inclusivity. Partit Demokratiku is, and will continue to be, the People’s Party and our seat in Parliament will be just that, the People’s Seat.
After convening a post-election executive meeting on Tuesday 6th June 2017 at 6.30pm in Qrendi; it was decided that Partit Demokratiku will continue its work; most importantly, it will continue to be the voice of the people, both outside parliament working at grassroots level and in parliament through the representation of its leader, Dr Marlene Farrugia.
Partit Demokratiku congratulates Dr Marlene Farrugia on her result and thanks all those who have voted our  candidates and believed in us. We also thank our members, those who in some way or another helped, and those who continue to help. Our party has never had one, overriding ideological or political leaning – we strive to challenge each other’s beliefs and open the space for dialogue on all issues. The Partit Demokratiku will continue to be inclusive group of people with different ideas, hailing from all walks of life and working together purely for the good of the country and the people.
The People’s Seat will reflect our core principles, principles that you have put your faith in and want to action.
We will therefore play our role, as a coalition partner, to ensure that we are not a negative opposition but a constructive, active one that supports and adds to all the many good proposals put forward by the Government, but also provides and strives to perfect, as much as is possible, with a constructive spirit, those proposals that run counter to the good of the country.
Put simply, we will work together on the good and push for more good, and engage in thoughtful dialogue to change and challenge the bad.
Inclusivity, a core principle on which the Partit Demokratiku was founded, will be our rallying call as we go forward and start the process of forming a credible opposition that will hold the government to account. This is essential to any functioning, and truly participatory, democracy.
We will continue with our work and remind all those who would like to join to come forward as our doors remain open to all those people who put the interest of the country first.​