General Election 2017 – Stunning Labour landslide

Prime Minister Muscat confirms his 9 seat majority and increases his personal vote

The Partit Laburista won a stunning victory at the polls on Saturday and confirmed their nine seat majority with a difference of 35,300 votes or 55% of the vote over the Partit Nazzjonalista’s 43.8% This is around the same vote difference meaning a complete repudiation of the PN’s electoral campaign which focused on alleged corruption. The PL’s message of a booming economy and social achievements seems to have resounded overwhelmingly with the electorate.

On a district by district basis, the PL easily retained the 1st District, actually increasing its majority to 57.22% with the PN gaining just 41.72%. New candidate Aaron Farrugia will be elected having obtained 3660 first count votes with Minister Jose’ Herrera gaining a considerable 4600 votes and elected on the first count. Mario Demarco was strongly elected for the PN followed by Claudio Grech with Paula Mifsud Bonnici probably losing out this time round.

In the Second District, the PL gained 71% of the vote with the PN only acquiring 28% of the vote. As expected, Joseph Muscat garnered almost 14700 votes followed by Joe Mizzi, Helena Dalli and Chris Agius who will probably gain the other three seats. For the PN, Stephen Spiteri was comfortably the lone elected candidate. On the Third District, Labour also retained four seats with around 70% of the vote while the PN achieved 30% of the vote. Health Minister Chris Fearne was strongly ahead with almost 4700 votes followed by new entrant Silvio Grixti, Owen Bonnici and Helena Dalli. The PN’s lone seat appears to have been captured by Mario Galea.

On the Fourth District, Chris Fearne and Konrad Mizzi got the lion’s share of the votes with both being elected on the first count. Silvio Parnis followed for Labour with Jason Azzopardi the lone PN candidate. On the Fifth District, Joseph Muscat again racked up a high number of votes at 12,886 with Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi, Julia Farrugia Portelli and Owen Bonnici following far behind. For the PN, Toni Bezzina is comfortably ahead for a seat with the other in play looking for Herman Schiavone – if the PN actually win the second seat here.

On the Sixth District, nothing changed much with the PL gaining 59% of the vote and the PN gaining 40% of the vote. Silvio Schembri confirmed a strong personal vote getting elected on the first count followed by new entrant Robert Abela and Roderick Galdes. For the PN, it appears that Ryan Callus and Clyde Puli will be elected for the PN. On the 7th district the PL again won comfortably with 56% of the vote with the PN gaining 42%. Here Ian Borg once again confirmed a massive personal vote with 5566 votes followed by Finance Minister Edward Scicluna with 3665 votes with the third seat seemingly a straight fight between Gavin Gulia, Charles Azzopardi, Ian Castaldi Paris and Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando.

On the Eighth district, the PN gained 52.89% of the vote with the PL gaining 45.5%. As expected PN Deputy Leader Beppe Fenech Adami won a massive 6547 personal votes followed by David Agius and Therese Commodini Cachia while the PL had Deputy Leader Chris Cardona and Edward Scicluna on top with well over 3000 votes each. The 9th district also shows the PN ahead with around 58% of the vote and candidates Kristy Debono and Robert Arrigo putting up strong showings whilst for the PL, Clifton Grima and Michael Falzon appear to be the front runners. On the 10th District, the PN garnered 60% of the vote with the PL at 38% of the vote. Robert Arrigo easily topped the scales with 4793 votes followed by a clutch of candidates including George Pullicino, Nick Refalo, Marlene Farrugia and Karl Gouder. For the PL, Michael Falzon and Evarist Bartolo should acquire the two seats.

On the 11th District, the PN gained 55.24% of the vote while the PL managed 43%. Here PN leader Simon Busuttil achieved an impressive 11,267 first count vote with the most likely PN MP’s being David Agius and Edwin Vassallo. On the 12th District, the PL garnered 51% of the vote with the PL acquiring 47.5%. Simon Busuttil achieved almost 10,000 votes followed by Robert Cutajar whilst the PL had Minister Michael Farrugia making a strong showing with 3560 votes followed by Evarist Bartolo with 2444 votes.

On the 13th District which is Gozo, the PL made a stunning turnaround, actually gaining an absolute majority for the first time with 51.2% with the PN gaining just 47.9%. As expected the PL’s ministers, Anton Refalo and Justyne Caruana acquired large numbers of votes at 4853 and 3189 respectively with newcomer Clint Camilleri the third MP with 2466 votes. On the PN said, Chris Said and Marthese Portelli will be elected for the PN.