An abnormal electorate behaviour

Many readers have lamented on the amount of calls and smss they are receiving. It seems that the two big parties are in a mega unprecedented effort to convince every voter. In spite of the certainty that they try to transmit over who is winning, panic seems to have reached both sides.

It seems there are still a number of undecided voters that are being the target by both sides. Apart from these however there are a number of disgruntled traditional Labour supporters and traditional nationalist supporters that are saying they will not vote. Analysts say that this is an unprecedented situation in the sense that in normal circumstances Labour supporters do not act in such a manner whilst nationalists are traditionally harder on their party. These abnormal circumstances continue to show that this is far from a normal election.

PL is promising disgruntled Labourites to fix their situation if re-elected and seem to be apologetic for ignoring their needs in the past four years. On the other hand the PN is coming out strong on the way corruption have affected the country as a whole and that international reputation can only be recovered if clean politicians are elected. If Malta re-elects Muscat it means the Maltese approve corruption which will not do any good to Malta reputation.

The number of void votes, the number that will not vote and the protest vote will indeed be an important statistic this time round.