Anti-fraud Unit employees within VAT department should be investigated

Last week this portal received indications of dubious actions by the VAT department.

Today this portal has seen correspondence that may confirm such allegations. The circumstantial evidence seen by this portal leaves certainly indicates that further investigation is needed. In fact it certainly indicates that there are some cosy relationships between certain tax practitioners and anti fraud unit employees.

If there is no cosy relationship, why would an employee insist that to issue a vat number he needs to see the Directors of an international company  and then when a different practitioner presents the exact same application this has been accepted? At first we were incredulous on these things happening in a supposedly rigid authority. However, we have seen the correspondence and VAT certificate that confirms these allegations at least by way of circumstances.

A few years back the VAT department was subject to a major investigation with fraud being identified by the Police. Perhaps the Police should initiate proceedings to ensure that no such malpractices are in place within the Vat Department.