Helena Dalli and Joe Farrugia il-Farell preferred No 2 votes in Muscat Districts

Statistical surveys seen by this portal seem to indicate that Helena Dalli will get a considerable number of “twos”  after the Prime Minister is Elected in District 2. At the same time, it seems that on the 5th District the preferred “twos” of Muscat will go towards Joe farrugia il-Farell. At a first glance one may question why would this happen but after deep analysis one would understand.

The largest city in the 2nd District is that of Zabbar. Mrs Dalli is very popular in Zabbar. Also, thanks to her Ministerial role she is being seen as fundamental in the implementation of Muscat promises in 2013. Indeed, she was in charge of the most ground breaking Ministry. Muscat seems to push her all the time in his speeches with respect to human rights and civil liberties

On the 5th district on the other hand there is Il-Farell, who is seen as a close friend to Muscat but not only. He is the only Labour candidate from Zurrieq, which is the largest town in the district and apart from the other Farrugia (Journalist and not related), he is the only one from the District. Muscat move to contest on this district is seen as a strategic one not only to save the number of seats in the district but also to assist Farell in what possibly could be his last election.