Even Sliema can play its part against evil

There are dreams you wish to jump out of just as there are ones you wish would last forever. Right now the world is in nightmarish mode, with people choosing scary leaders to look after our affairs, choosing what seem to be loons or loony ideals to follow. Democracy is being thwarted by its own rules because it seems an inalienable fact that electors’ choices can ironically kill democracy itself. ,

People have strange likes—self-mutilation, near-asphyxiation and all forms of masochism are, after all, accepted “norms” in sexual life. How suffering can ever be enjoyable is hard to grasp but this is what we humans are obliged to accept in our inclusive, all-embracing modern world.

This is reality according to me, an old fuddy-duddy, a liberal relic of a time when democracy and freedom were things to fight for and, in extreme cases, die for. The voting public seems to have decided, in a terrible 2016 turn, to start fiddling with a self-destruct button.

But not all is irretrievably lost.

Think of Brexit and the Trump electoral victory. London and New York voted brilliantly and by huge, but really HUGE, margins – the former to stay in the EU and the latter to bar an orange misfit from the White House.

The thinking populace, or at least those who reside in urban, cosmopolitan areas, are truly all-inclusive and want to see rights extended to all, not just restricted by some sad, horrid vision of a superior white race which is worried about its Christian values being eroded.

How can something be Christian if it is exclusive? I know He lived ages ago but the guy who started Christianity (yes! The actual one whose name the religion bears) was all about inclusivity. He was revolutionary in his thoughts—gathering sinners, prostitutes, money-collectors, renegades and outsiders with him in a world where you love humans for being human and not for being white and Christian.

If Jesus Christ was born today he would surely end up crucified—by Trumpite Christians who would blanch at his ideas, ideals and the people he consorts with.

Trump lost badly in New York, his own city, the city where his own buildings soar.

I live in what by a stretch of the imagination could be described as the New York or the London of Malta: the cosmopolitan, urban Sliema. So I do have hope that, if madmen are in the running for the electoral crown in Malta, at least I am in a part of the world which will be sensible and vote, not marginally but by a landslide, for the candidates who think straight and promote inclusivity.

Is it enough to feel smug about not being part of the problem without doing anything? Should all lovers of democracy and haters of demagoguery stop writing, taking stands, acting and calling for unity against the forces of what seems to be evil gone rampant? Should people stop screaming out against the antics of Trump, Brexiteers and Le Pen?

No—a million times no. Retreating, and saying things like Trump and Brexit are after all not too bad, is falling victim to apathy and letting their evil go ahead unchecked.

Mocking evil ideas, showing up those who advance them as clowns, charlatans and evil despots-in-the-making is the way forward.

From New York, London and tiny Sliema and many other towns and cities where true lovers of liberty and humanity live, the message should spread like wildfire. We are living through the most desperate of times but we should still speak up and not lose heart.