Labour set for 55% of the vote and a 45,000-50,000 vote advantage over the PN – unofficial. UPDATED.

The Labour Party has won the European Parliament Elections with a crushing margin of around 45,000 votes over the Nationalist Party according to unofficial projections. In the past hours, the advantage was reported as having increased to around 48,000 votes and recent reports from the Labour party’s TV station have indicated an advantage of 51,000 votes.

Additionally, the Partit Laburista will win four European Parliament seats according to sources who spoke to this news portal. This would mean an improvement for the party on its current count of three whilst also meaning that the Partit Nazzjonalista will lose a seat – also in line with expectations.

Labour sources are projecting a 56% vote share with the Partit Nazzjonalista polling around the 37% mark. Third parties and others polled 7% of the vote. Additionally, unofficial sources are claiming that the PL has won 11 out of the 13 electoral districts. Sources from Naxxar have also reported that Imperium Europa candidate Norman Lowell has polled in excess of the 17,000 vote mark with a considerable number of second and third preferences.

With turnout down by around 2% at the 2PM mark, the final turnout figure was announced as 72.6% by the Electoral Commission. Although poll figures have so far not yet been released, it seems that the gap between the two major parties will once again be around 15-18 percentage points confirming the surveys of the past few weeks.