Crypto markets register slight increases – Bitcoin stable

The cryptocurrency markets continued to register a consistent and stable momentum with several of the top currencies showing consistent increases. Bitcoin was quite stable with a price varying from the $6300 to the $6500 mark and continuing to build on this price level. Bitcoin Cash also showed solid momentum with a 5% increase to the $565 level whilst Ripple was perhaps the best performing currency over the past few days with a 7% increase to the $0.35 level.

Ethereum remained slightly sluggish around the $300 level although there were times when it even went above the $320 level although it could not sustain that momentum. EOS was also positive in its momentum with an 8% increase over a 48-hour period to rise well above the $5.20 level and there looks to be room for further increase in the coming days. Litecoin was slow in joining in the reversal although it increased to around the $58 level or a 2% increase overall.

Of the currencies with smaller market caps, NEO was perhaps the best performing of them all with a 20% increase over 48 hours when the coin even touched the $21 mark. It then fell back to around $19 at press time but this was still a considerable increase from the $14 levels of last week. Stellar Lumens was sluggish and did not register much of an increase although it appeared to hold the $0.22 level pretty well over strong turnover. Dash remained stable at just over the $150 level with low turnover whilst Ethereum Classic continued to recover some of its lost ground over the past few days where it traded at around the $13.50 level.

VET also recovered well from its slight slump to register a 15% increase whilst Cardano was seemingly stable at around the $0.10 level. IOTA was also up by around 8% to the $0.53 level whilst ICX achieved a more modest 5% increase to the $0.67 mark. ONT also performed extremely well and jumped by no less than 17% to the $2.50 mark.