Thrive Hackathon looks to set standards for blockchain expertise

Another major event is on its way to Malta in the form of the THRIVE Hackathon which is in relation to the cryptocurrency firmament and this is set to take place on the 23rd and 24th July at the Life Sciences Park in San Gwann.

The THRIVE Hackathon promises to create a considerable interest in the block chain and cryptocurrency space.

The THRIVE Hackathon are looking for 4 figures who will then join the Thrive Team on their journey to create a Decentralised Ad Marketplace.  Come along to the event where you will be joining hackers, product developers, marketers, and business leaders in creating a new wave of block chain technology.

THRIVE Labs Chief Strategy Officer Giuseppe Scardino said this was an important event for the company which is looking to spread its wings in Malta.

“Leading by example, it is time to give back to the community and to the hosting jurisdiction. Thrive Hack is an event organized not only to challenge the most visionary developers on the market, but as well to hire professionals who will join the Thrive Team. This is just the first step in the direction to expand our footprint in Malta”, Scardino said.

On the first day we will be focusing on a Back-end Hackathon with PHP, Node js, Go, and Python which are among the languages which will be taking centre stage at this event.  On the second day, we will be focusing on Javascript (angular, react. Js, jquery etc.) during this Front end Hackathon.

Thrive uses a meritocratic, community-based system which rewards publishers and consumers all over the world.  It claims to be the premium decentralized advertisement marketplace which uses block chain to create a safe, rewarding platform where users can buy and sell advertisements space.  They also reward real-life consumers and reviewers who help to make the system work.  Appearing to go to the next level, this is digital marketing.

Through this hackathon we are looking for the most visionary developers of decentralization.  Prizes to be won are the following:

The winner of each event will be awarded EUR 1,500 in cash.

The second ranked of each event will get a prize of EUR 1,000 for a total of EUR 5K as a total prize.

The winners of each event will be invited to attend the Blockchain Hackathon which is being hosted by Malta during the Blockchain Summit (EUR 50K prize).

Finally, the 4 most outstanding individuals will be invited to join the Thrive Team with a full-time work contract in Malta.

Thrive Labs forms part of We Boom LTD company which is the 4th value added services merchant in Italy.  It has a vast array of experience in the digital advertising domain. In 2015, We Boom LTD was among the AdWords top 10 spenders which made its first appearance in the digital advertising industry.